“World Cup in River Garden” competition ends successfully
  According to Mongolian Football Federation declared that “2018 is a Public football year”, Nomin Construction Development Group and “Ikh Taliin Duulian” a non-governmental organization organized” a football competition named “World CUP in River Garden” with a purpose to promote World Cup 2018 and to make employees have their healthy lifestyles. T...
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Great sport promoter, the NCD Group was successfully organized Se...
The NCD Group is a Supporter of social responsibility and Great sport promoter, "Golden Partner" of direct transmission of "World Cup", "Silver Partner" of "Duulian-2018" and the sponsor of professional football club named "Selenge Press". Our group has given another present to seniors over 49...
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Fall Promotion
Mongolian number one green village River Garden and Time Square is implementing innovative solution to set green standard of residential complex in Mongolia. We are announcing fall promotion until 15th of September, 2015. If you buy or reserve apartment before 15th of September, 2015, will get direct discount until 50 million tugrug depending on your chosen apartment amount. In addition, if pay f...
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Nomin Construction and Development group is selected by specializ...
It is a tradition to select top 10 entrepreneurs from Mongolian chamber of Commerce evey year. Nomin Construction and Development group selected by one of Top 10 entrepreneur.     Nomin Construction and Development group is the one of company who innovating newest modern technology and management in construction industry. Our group already became well known to public. NCD group impl...
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Best of Best is for you and for your family
What is your most valuable and beloved thing? 7 billion people of the World  will say FAMILY by one voice even with totally different opinion, religion, ethnicity and belief. There is nothing to compare with family happiness to live and spend time in comfortable and safety environment with your precious family and seeing your little kids growing day by day.  Home… Concept of home...
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The Nomin Construction & Development Group has built kinder garde...
Nomin Construction and Development group built fully equipped kinder garden with 65 beds in Bayan province, Tuv aimag. One of the big problem to solve immediately in Mongolia is Kinder Garden failure. Because of this issue, Nomin construction and Erdenet Carpet built kinder Garden with 65 beds on occasion of 90th anniversary of Bayan province, Tuv aimag.  
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