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Our Principle

Today, in business organizations, ethical and social responsibilities are becoming more and more critical as well as addressing global environmental issues, there is an urgent need for companies to take on social responsibility based on their resources, with a keen sense of company's liability.

In our business activities, we have followed the principles of legislation, as well as socially beneficial and environmentally-friendly practices. Our quality products are made using advanced technology under international standards. In terms of future development, the organization’s vision for active corporate social responsibility can be seen from the list below.

Green development and preservation of ecosystem balance as our business direction, we operate according to green production and sustainable practices, as well as striving to create more green and natural environments. We aim to spread sustainable thinking to society and to contribute to the prosperity of our country


These include:

1. Principles of environmental management

We will work to create a green environment that focuses on improving environmental protection and its quality as well as maintaining ecosystem balance.

  • Proper use of natural resources
  • Improve, protect and restore the quality of the environment
  • Reduce potential environmental risks


2. Principles for establishment

We will build green constructions that meet the conditions for a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for people, using eco-materials and advanced technologies which are efficient in energy and resource.

  • Eco material
  • Eco processes and equipment
  • Eco technology

3. Principles for social and public responsibility

We create sustainable green environments and carry out green production. We promote sustainability and support long-term benefits that contribute to future generations. We commit to social development by spreading and advertising ideas to the people to take sustainable practices and green lifestyle.

    • Green employee
    • Green partner
    • Green customer
    • Green society



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