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Our Partaking

The Nomin Construction & Development Group's social responsibility policy, in addition to being open and transparent, aims to ensure that the organization's activities aim at providing social well-being and sustainable development, as well as the environmentally friendly and human-friendly green development policies, which reflect the future socio-economic trends and development of the country. We aim to be a supportive organization in society by promoting sustainability in the country.




Enhancement, protection and restoration of environmental quality

We planted 1000 trees including pine, larch, elm, spruce and birch trees on the non-vegetative valleys of the Tuul River and the Bogd Mountain forest, spending 210 million tugriks from revenue.

Scholarships for ten students of Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Within the scope of social responsibility, NCD group is working with PMI /International Project Management Institute/ to fund scholarships to students by assessing their academic success and social activism and gave PMI membership certificates to 10 students and internship certificates to work professionally at NCD group.

E. Enkhrii is sponsored for the World School Chess Championships

Teen chess player E. Enkhrii was sponsored by NCD group to participate in the World School Chess Championships 2019. She showed superb performance by becoming the World School Champion and brought a gold medal to her home country.

Target show “Green Future.

As a social responsibility to raise awareness of the green development, we sponsored a TV show called “Green Future” produced by UBS television, with a slogan of “Let’s support environmental education” which was promoted by the president of Mongolia as a support to raise public awareness about green infrastructure, to support citizen’s initiatives and to build a green future.

Renovation of "Erdem centre" orphanage

Within the framework of a campaign by the General Agency for Specialized Inspection for all Occupational Health and Safety workers in the construction industry, the Safety department of NCD group and Safety department of all subsidiary companies in NCD group took part and renovated “Erdem centre” and handed over the new building to the teachers and children.

Mongolian Live session

Mongolian Live Sessions project was created to encourage Mongolian rock-pop bands and singers to perform live, to give opportunities to kick-start the careers of new and upcoming young artists, and to promote live performance culture. With co-sponsors Unitel Group, Turkish Air and SBN television, performances were successfully launched online, by social media and via Univision content streaming channel.

Flood protection facilitie

From 2013 to 2016, we built 1.5 km further as a continuation of the construction of a 2.2 km flood protection dam. This bridge spanned from Marshall bridge to Zaisan bridge, which prevented flood and secured safety for not only “River Garden” and “Time Square” residential apartments, but also all the other residents in that area.

Bayan soum, Tuv province, Delbe KinderGarten

The company invested 700.0 million tugriks for the future generation of Mongolia by building a kindergarten with a capability of raising and educating 65 children in Bayan soum within two months.

Athletes sponsored to participate in the 5th Special Olympics

For the first time in Mongolia, football team players were sponsored to participate in the 5th Special Olympics festival and brought home a silver medal.

“River Garden”, “Time Square”, “Garden City” residence establishment

To set the model of green development and design for the environment among Mongolian construction companies, we use the “Green building” concept which is an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and ecologically balanced construction process which uses advanced modern technology. By using this concept, we have built the first section of “River garden 2”, the second section of “Time Square” and the first section of “Garden City” residential apartments.

Sponsored and participated in the world’s major water sports events and competitions

We sponsored the participation of senior swimmer Master of Sports Sh. Davaadorj in the Winter Swimming Championships in which he won the first place.

Also, we sponsored B. Dulguun to prepare for and participate in the Summer Olympics in the city of swimming development trendsetter Rio de Janeiro.

Mongolian Shidokan Karate National Team sponsored

As a social responsibility, NCD group sponsored our country’s team in the 35th World Shidokan Karate Championship. Our team won one gold, one silver, two bronze medals and the overall result ranked 3rd in the world.

10-episode feature film "One Happiness."

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We sponsored 10-episode feature film, entitled "One Happiness" in collaboration with celebrity artists from the art and culture world. In these troubling times of economic insecurity and plenty of negative news in the media, we are helping to transform a negative attitude to positive attitude by showing that happiness can be found from the most ordinary things.

Moreover, we sponsored the production of two songs “The Power” and "One Happiness" as well as their music videos. Well-known artists performed the "Power”, violinist D. Delgertsetseg, known for her masterful talent, bass guitarist and drummer from Wolf band T. Enkhbaatar and N. Bembee. “One happiness” was performed by talented singers P. Bayartsengel and B. Bayartsetseg.



O’Couture fashion show 

To bring Mongolian creative industry at the world stage, we are sponsoring young designer D. Otgonjargal to create her designer fashion shows for the third year. In 2016, we sponsored an overall amount of 10.0 million tugriks.


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