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Thank you khurelkhuu_zahiralfor visiting our web site and your interest in Nomin Construction and Development Group. Since the establishment in 1997, Nomin Construction Development Group has been successfully engaged in construction and real estate sector. The key to this long-standing success is our wholehearted and skillful employees who work toward the future of the country with exceptional teamwork and integrity. Therefore, we exert great deal of efforts toward ongoing career and skills development as well as creation of safe and comfortable working environment for the staff.  Our company contributes to the development of Mongolia through introduction of world-class advanced technology in our activities.

Furthermore, we have implemented an unpatrolled landscaping and residential area development standard, which sets an example to the industry peers in terms of reducing air pollution. In line with our corporate social responsibility efforts, Nomin Construction  and Development Group has planted 42,200 trees and shrubs while creating lawns on 66,700 square meter land in areas including the surroundings of our residential constructions, banks of Tuul River, northern slope of Bogd Khan Mountain and Songinokhairkhan district /Bayangol area on the territory of khoroo #20 during the past five years. These efforts serve toward the greater goal of increasing the green areas in Ulaanbaatar City to reduce air pollution. Using the “Protected Root-High Productivity” technology, we have launched a tree nursery project that can produce 1,000,000 trees per year. Another project under the corporate social responsibility umbrella was the construction of “Delbee” kindergarten for 65 children in 2014. The cost of this kindergarten, including the complete furnishing, was 700.0 million MNT, which was financed by the company. We handed this kindergarten over to the state care. Our company works with more than 100 small and medium enterprises and vendors in order to support small and medium enterprises.

Furthermore, we provide workplace for over 2000 personnel including our employees as well as employees of our contractors.



Our company

     Nomin Construction and Development Group, one of the leading construction companies in Mongolia, has been taking various initiatives, by means of housing projects, to contribute to the development of the capital city to become a place with safe and sound surroundings and reliable infrastructure that are up to international standards. As a result, we have successfully implemented “Unur”, “Unur Erdenet”, “River Garden”, “Tsetsee Gun” and “Time Square” housing districts that are exemplary housing projects in Mongolia for its contemporary solution for exterior landscaping, greenery and interior design. Furthermore, we are introducing new technologies to create “Green Construction” to enable environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient housing complexes.

      In 1997-2008, our company successfully carried out maintenance, repair and expansion works for over 10 buildings and routine maintenance of over 20 commercial premises of Nomin Holding LLC. Then, we went on to launch housing construction projects. Over the years, we have been growing our business to engage in various disciplines such a construction, design, landscaping, nursery, metal works factory, furniture factory and steel works factory through our team of 228 skilled architects, engineers and technical staff.  

     In line with the fast paced growth of construction sector in Mongolia, we have been introducing the latest technologies that cater toward environmentally friendly approaches such as aluminum formwork, emergency stairs, energy efficient concrewalls with less heat loss, gypsum boards, quality steel reinforcements for walls, floors, ceilings and partition walls that are environmentally-friendly, easily installable and cost-effective, wooden doors and floors, wallpapers that are not harmful to human health and German standard, well-sealed windows.   

 04_1In a short span of time, our skilled engineering and architecture team has completed many successful projects, including:

    In 2008-2012, we completed the 58,900 square meters “UNUR” project in Bayangol district. This 4-phased project received “Best Construction of the Year” recognition and includes “NOMIN HYPERMARKET” and 737-unit housing with parking garage for 250.

    In 2014, “RIVER GARDEN 1” project in Khoroo #11 of Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar was completed. This 118,500 square meter project is considered as the best in terms of its green solutions and includes 20 apartments for 368 households and town houses for 18 households.    





We will embrace green development as our core business direction, focus our efforts onto green production and green projects that support ecosystem balance, create green environment and green nature, and promote green mentality thus making our own contribution to Mongolia’s development and prosperity.


Upholding long term values, we aspire to amalgamate/consolidate/bring about world renown developments and contribute to social development.






Хүний эрүүл мэнд, байгаль орчинд ээлтэй дэвшилтэт техник технологи ашиглан, хариуцлагаа ухамсарласан чадварлаг хамт олондоо тулгуурлан, чанарын удирдлагыг байнга сайжруулах замаар бүхий л оролцогч талууд, хэрэглэгчийн сэтгэл ханамжийг өндөрт өргөн, урт хугацааны үнэ цэнийг эрхэмлэн ажиллана. 


  • - Байгууллагын соёлыг төлөвшүүлэх              
  • - Группийн бүтээмжийг өсгөх            
  • - Группийн үнэ цэнийг өсгөх     


Монгол улсын үндсэн хуулийг дээдэлж, ногоон хөгжлийн үзэл баримтлалыг эрхэмлэн “Хүний хөгжил–нийгмийн хариуцлага–манлайлал“ бодлогыг хэрэгжүүлэн хүн, байгальд эерэг нөлөөтэй ажиллана. 


  • - Хөдөлмөрийн эрүүл мэндийг тасралтгүй сайжруулж, мэргэжлээс шалтгаалах өвчлөл, хурц хордлогоос урьдчилан сэргийлэх үйл ажиллагааг тасралтгүй хэрэгжүүлэх
  • - Ажилтны аюулгүй ажиллах мэдлэг, дадлага, чадварыг дээшлүүлж, үйлдвэрлэлийн ба ХЭМАБ-н соёл, зан үйлийг төлөвшүүлэн төгөлдөржүүлэх
  • - ХЭМАБ-н хууль тогтоомж, стандартын шаардлагад бүрэн нийцэх
  • - ХЭМАБ-н УТ дахь хүн бүрийн оролцоог үйл ажиллагааны шат бүрт хангаж “Багаар ажиллаж эрсдэлийг тэглэх” чиглэлийг эрхэмлэх
  • - Гүйцэтгэгч, ханган нийлүүлэгч нарт ХЭМАБ-н үүрэг хариуцлагыг танилцуулж, тэдний үйл ажиллагаан дахь үл тохирлыг тогтмол засаж залруулан, улмаар хамтын ажиллагаагаа тогтолцоогоор хөтлөн явуулах


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