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Using the state-of-the-art technology, our company is offering a 3D visualization and NCD application for our projects. The customers can access this application at their convenience to extract the necessary information. This enables the customers, who usually see the existing and past projects from a 2D angle via render and plan drawings, to view the planning, interior design; landscaping and construction design in more in-depth sense so that they feel like they are already inside the certain area.



Clicking to the “Introduction” menu, you will be able to view the introduction of our projects in a text and picture format.







You can view the room design with addition of modern or classic style furniture sets offered by the interior sets.





You can view the vicinity of the building by navigating your camera to grasp a sense of how it feels to be living in one of our buildings.






Detailed information on River Street commercial area and its organization and planning can be found here.







Welcome to a 3D environment where you can feel the surroundings using a smart camera that enriches theprinted photos with contemporary technology.

Mongolian Property Award
Unur Khotkhon
International Property Award
Entrepreneur 2016
River Garden
Шилдэг бүтээл
Implemented project
Unur Erdenet
International Property Award
River Garden 2
Шилдэг бүтээл
Time Square
Mongolian Property Award
Implementing project
Address: Building #406, RIVER GARDEN 2, Ikh Mongol street, 11 khoroo, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: 77002020
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