Time Square residential project implemented by NCD Group, a leading construction company in Mongolia, is located on 4.8 hectare land to the west of River Garden in a most valuable zone of Ulaanbaatar territory. Distinguished as the best project of the new era, this project encompasses nine 11-16 storey 350-unit apartment buildings, two 33-storey commercial building and one 25-storey commercial building, all with exquisite exterior and interior designs.   To ensure the year-around comfort of residents, two-storey basement parking garages and outside parking lots enough for the residents are planned. More than 50% of the area is covered with combination of 15-species of trees, shrubs and plants along with other recreational spots such as fountain. In addition to the comfort-oriented amenities, Sakura Secondary School with Japanese educational discipline as well as Eco Kindergarten with Montessori educational approach has opened for the children of our residents.

The interior of the apartments are designed to provide spacious feeling with its wide windows and high ceilings. Moreover, interior stone walls from Brazil, wooden floors from Poland, eco wallpapers from Germany, fireplace and European style utilities combined with modern and contemporary design approaches customized for your taste will surely create tranquility at your home.


Location advantage of Time Square

- Located in the middle of stunning nature on the banks of Tuul River and slopes of Bogd Khan Mountain 

- Easy access to infrastructure and roads

- Close proximity to recreational areas such as National Park, Children’s Amusement Park, Central Stadium, Mt. Zaisan and Sky Resort 

- Fresh Air

- Only 3 kilometres from the centre of Ulaanbaatar

- A pleasant surroundings with less population and noise, and more fresh air.


Sport complex and Entertainment

Exercising is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. To promote healthy and energetic lifestyle and wellbeing among its residents, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, pool, fitness centers, aerobic center, fitness center, and fitness dance. Special jogging lanes are also planned for joggers as well. 1146 m2 sport area planned in Time Square village. Here of 383 m2 of the area is for Basketball court, 366 m2 is for tennis court with modern high technology. Planning a fitness area with equipment at the 2 side of the Sport section will provide you to exercise in summer. Recreational garden is located in front of the village, middle of the Tuul River grove and planned with sand volleyball area. Furthermore, Time square project planned  swimming pool, fitness cub, sport complex with aerobic, sport dance club , cinema, night club, restaurant, lounge and pub, bank, kinder garden, supermarket,  and more services are all in one building.


Web site:www.timesquare.mn

Address: Building #406, RIVER GARDEN 2, Ikh Mongol street, 11 khoroo, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: 77002020
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