River Garden project located on a 6 hectare land in the middle of a pristine nature on the banks of Tuul River to the north of Bogd Khan Mountain is undoubtedly the best green housing district in Mongolia. The project was implemented by Nomin Construction and Development Group, a company that is making solid contribution to the prosperity and development of Ulaanbaatar city through establishment of an unprecedented industry benchmark with integrated planning and green solution for housing projects. With exquisite exterior and interior solutions, River Garden encompasses townhouses, penthouses, and 6-15 storey apartment buildings for 360 households along with centralized commercial areas to cater the various needs of the residents.  To ensure the year-around comfort of residents, the premises have indoor parking garages for 620 and outside parking space for 250. More than 70% of the project area is covered with greeneries including15 species of trees, shrubs and grasses in addition to 2 manmade lakes connected by rapids. Surrounding the lakes are a recreational area with benches, summerhouses, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, football field etc., that enabled healthy, safe, pleasant and comfortable living for its residents.


Advantages of the location for RIVER GARDEN

- Located in the middle of stunning nature on the banks of Tuul River and slopes of Bogd Khan Mountain

- Easy access to infrastructure and roads

- Close proximity to recreational areas such as National Park, Children’s Amusement Park, Central Stadium, Mt. Zaisan and Sky Resort 

- Only 3 kilometres from the centre of Ulaanbaatar

- A pleasant surroundings with less population and noise, and more fresh air.



     We are working to create a commercial street in the northern areas of ``River Garden`` so that the residents can enjoy access to range of services that accommodate all their needs. The area will have services including supermarket, school, kindergarten, health and athletics center, various pubs, lounges, café, bakery, restaurants, bowling alley, movie theatre, beauty salon, fitness center, sauna and massage, pharmacy as well as different shops such as brand clothing and home décor stores.  This commercial area will not only cater to the comfort of its residents but also will attract visitors who can enjoy its recreational value away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life while receiving the services offered.

     This area with unique exterior design along with superior amenities including parking and recreational spots with lawns and fountains offer shopping from the start of the street till the end.  

At present the following services and shops have opened: “Khurmen” pharmacy, German Bakery that offers fresh bakeries each day, Kitchen store of “Nobilia” - a leader in the market in Europe and Germany for its most contemporary designs and branches in over 75 countries,  `Raumplus` furniture store of  Umeco LLC, which manufactures European standard furniture,  `Food court`,   `Point` Korean Dental Clinic, Bella Beauty and Spa, Bloom flower and gift shop, Nomin Supermarket, `Tom n Toms` coffee shop, `Cannondale` bicycle shop, Khan Bank, Wine shop, Unitel, Sushi & Noodle Bar, Hobby zone, and River club sports complex.

The commercial street is situated in the most serene part of the city with fresh air in the vicinity of recreational areas. Since “River Street” allows access from all 4 directions, you can ease your shopping experience without any traffic jams.   


     Moreover, a public transportation route was launched to the commercial street, so you can have direct access to American School, International School or nearby areas.

The residents can enjoy the services offered by “River Club”  , Bella Beauty and Spa Salon,  “Bloom” flower and gift shop, Nomin supermarket, “Crossil shop” for home goods, and “Khurmen” pharmacy.


Web site:www.rivergarden.mn

Address: Building #406, RIVER GARDEN 2, Ikh Mongol street, 11 khoroo, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: 77002020
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