“World Cup in River Garden” competition ends successfully
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World Cup River Garden NCD Group


According to Mongolian Football Federation declared that “2018 is a Public football year”, Nomin Construction Development Group and “Ikh Taliin Duulian” a non-governmental organization organized” a football competition named “World CUP in River Garden” with a purpose to promote World Cup 2018 and to make employees have their healthy lifestyles. The competition was organized successfully on a football pitch in “River Garden-2” residence on weekends between 31 march 2018-14 April 2018. NCD Group works responsibly as the sponsor of NTV, which officially broadcasts World Cup 2018. And the sponsor of “Duulian 2020” to develop football in Mongolia. In the competition, the 350 workers of organizations participated and there were the 64 matches of 32 teams. Champions of the competition were:


World Cup River Garden NCD Group


-Golden medalist- “ Gan Sonor “ LLC
-Silver medalist- “MBC” LLC
-Bronze medalist – “Monnis” LLC


-Best player- the final match ticket of World Cup 2018,
-Golden medalist – 1500000 tugrugs. Champions cup
– Silver medalist- 1200000 tugrugs
Bronze medalist - 1000000 tugrugs.


World Cup River Garden

Өнөр хотхон
Цэцээ Гүн
River Garden
Time Square
Өнөр эрдэнэт
Хэрэгжүүлсэн төслүүд
River Garden 2
River Plaza
Casa Da Vinci
Garden CIty хотхон
Хэрэгжиж буй төслүүд

2019 он. Зохиогчийн эрх хуулиар хамгаалагдсан болно. NCD group.

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