Great sport promoter, the NCD Group was successfully organized Seniors league
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The NCD Group is a Supporter of social responsibility and Great sport promoter, "Golden Partner" of direct transmission of "World Cup", "Silver Partner" of "Duulian-2018" and the sponsor of professional football club named "Selenge Press". Our group has given another present to seniors over 49 years old belonging to declaring that 2018 is a year of "Public Football Year". Because, the NCD Group was successfully organized the competition named “World Cup in River Garden” among the organizations welcoming World Cup a few days ago.


Ахмадын лиг NCD 2018


Mongolian seniors’ best 10 teams are requested to participate in “League of Legends” competition and the organizers considered the time and work of their elders and organized the competition only in Saturday.


Ахмадын лиг NCD 2018

Ахмадын лиг NCD 2018


This league that started on 21 April 2018 and participated 120 sports honors was established by round system and the results were released on May 19. In the result of the hard tournament, the winner is “Student team” with team owner Ulambayar, coach Batsaikhan and team leader Shinebayar and granted gold medal, migration cup and 1,500,000 tugrugs. The second place is “Tigers of Soyombo” with team coach Bold and team leader Erdenemunkh. Also granted silver medal and 1,000,000 tugrugs. The third place is “Selengepress” with team leader Ganbold and team owner Bold.


Ахмадын лиг NCD 2018


The best goalkeeper is Batkhuu (Selengepress)
The best defender is Onolbaatar (Tigers of Soyombo)
The best half-back is Shinebayar (Student team)
The best forward is Purevsukh (Ural)


хөл бөмбөг 2018


During this time, some of the best teachers of the "Duulian-2020" that worked as a Silver Partner of the NCD Group handed over the tickets of the “World Cup”. The winners decided to contribute to the football development of children and gave football shoes to “Kharaatsai” football club children. They also joined tree planting process, planted their named tree in green house of “River Garden” and contributed their own contribution to capital’s green house.

This is the first League of Legends competition that our senior teams competed in football.

Өнөр хотхон
Цэцээ Гүн
River Garden
Time Square
Өнөр эрдэнэт
Хэрэгжүүлсэн төслүүд
River Garden 2
River Plaza
Casa Da Vinci
Garden CIty хотхон
Хэрэгжиж буй төслүүд

2019 он. Зохиогчийн эрх хуулиар хамгаалагдсан болно. NCD group.

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